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[ahr-kon] -noun Origin: 1650-60 . . . to be first

The Competitive Advantage

    • Reduce IT complexity & eliminate the need for in house network support, Thin Client Computing, means No Changes to Your Current Desktops, Windows, Apple or Linux No Change = No Extra Cost

    • It can be difficult to consder making changes to your business systems, when what you have right now is kind of working.
               But is it Really Working?
    • Give your sales team the tools to negotiate in the field on the spot, Remote Communications and Thin Client Support means Standardized, Fast and Low Cost for: Branches, Remote Sales Reps and Work From Home, all are a Snap

    • Stay connected from home or on the go with a standard internet connection, even mobile 3G & 4G

Archon LX temp personnel software staffing software IT solution
Cut costs and get the tools that allow you to be more responsive to client needs.

Full Multi-User Server In Your Office, Your files are Secure and Immediately Available.

Full Payroll/BillingCollections-These must do functions are safe in your office under your control.

Skill Search- Double the productivity of your Front Office, Full Temp and Client Notes - Imemdiately Available to Maximize Office Efficiency.

Unfilled Orders: To co-ordinate your Front Offic eStaff and provide a single point of reference for management.

Increasing productivity and profitability from day one is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step One - Equip your business with a superior system to increase performance, accessibility, and grow with technology without high costs.

"Innovation is the Future of Technology, The Whole World is Changing and Linux will Drive this New World" (President of IBM, Samuel J. Palmisano, on 21 December 2001)

Why Stick with or Consider an Old Windows Technology Server Solution, That is on Its' Last Legs?

What's all the buzz about these open source Linux based servers?  You may have heard about how large organizations like Google, UPS, and Dreamworks have switched to using open source Linux based operating systems.  While 90% of Fortune 500 companies have switched to Linux to eliminate thousands of dollars in IT costs, what most have found is that the switch also increased overall system speed and responsiveness.  Enterprise Linux solutions are emerging as a major force in commercial server markets because of performance, flexibility, and low costs.  With over 15 years of experience with Enterprise Linux development ALX is at the forefront of this industry shift.   Learn more ...

temp personnel staffing software Archon LX Linux based front and back office accounting software for independent staffing firms
This is why ALX is so enthusiastic about being the very first temp staffing software vendor to offer a completely Linux based solution.  By utilizing these high performance systems our clients can take advantage of a superior system solution that is the future of the small business server market.  With Linux servers you have access to progressive technology with no licensing fees.  Ultimately these savings are passed on to the end user.  Windows may have a place as your desktop operating system but not your server and not your future.

Step Two - Have hands-on training to ensure your employees utilize your software to its maximum potential. Along with the on-line help system, you have a comprehensive training

A software package can have all the features imaginable but if it lacks usability your organization will never be able to reap any benefits.  Ease of use is different for each system operator.  This is why ALX offers diversity in training tools.  While in our design phase we worked through the most frequent tasks and standardized each process to create uniform system operation.  This resulted in easy to use software proven to increase your office productivity in days, not months or years.  Online training tools and the ability for Archon technicians to virtually shadow your employees during the transition phase will eliminate training costs and increase office productivity immediately.  On screen manuals, located in every program, give detailed directions on how to run every feature in the system, so when in doubt the answers are found with the click of the ?.

    • On-Screen Manual

    • Online Training featuring
      Virtual Shadowing

    • Unlimited Technical Support

temp personnel staffing software integrated training
Step Three - When you are fitted with the tools to do your job more efficiently you will build better relationships with potential and existing clients.
SI Review recently wrote an article on the most successful temp staffing firms.  What they found is that there were 3 major components that each of the top 3 shared: 

    • Customer Service
    • Communication
    • Follow Up

temporary personnel service software
The ability for a staffing firm to do their job quickly and efficiently will translate into better client relationships.  Over the past 30 years we have kept close relationships with our clients.  In fact, a large amount of our client interaction has consisted of assessing needs and finding what really drives independent staffing firms.  With their foresight and our experience we have optimized our solution by focusing on responsiveness.  We fine tuned the daily processes that make the biggest difference in productivity and customer satisfaction.  When it takes you one day to run a 600 check payroll you have more time to focus on how to better service your clients.

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Archon LX temporary personnel staffing front office back office staffing software

Network Features

    • Cross platform--Desktop runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • In house
    • Branch office connection with real-time access to network files & db's
    • Centralized Upgrades
    • Remote Access
    • Remote Administration
    • Printer Included
Package Features
  • Customer & Temp Management
  • Job Order Processing
  • Daily, Weekly, & Bi-Weekly Payroll
  • Liability Management, including WC
  • Sales Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • History- Pay, Bill, A/R, & General Ledger
  • Quarterly and Year End Taxes, W2's
  • 65+ reports
  • Digital Report Archiving
  • Paperless Reporting
  • Online Customer Resource Center

Be Connected

temp firms staffing software online connection to front and back office system
Have access to all major system features from home or on the go with ALX Virtual Networks.

    • Secure connection to your entire system.
    • Runs lightning fast on any standard internet connection, even mobile 3G & 4G.
    • Platinum Paperless gives you access to over 65 system reports.
    • Archiving allows you to view all previously reports, checks, and invoices.
    • Clients can dial in to enter new jobs, time cards, leave performance reviews, view invoices and payments.